Vision, Mission, & Collective Commitments


In partnership with families and the entire educational community, is to educate and engage ALL of our students in the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure readiness and success in college and career.

Collective Commitments 


Student Learning

· culture of GROWTH & achievement

· personalized, deeper learning to meet the needs of ALL

· developing the WHOLE child

 Collaborative Culture

· grounded in shared decision-making & a professional learning community

· engaging in active, open communication within an environment where it is safe to express differences, share successes and learn from mistakes

· develop partnerships with increased opportunities while fostering community pride

 Continuous Improvement

· measure student growth & learning with practices & quality assessments to inform our daily decisions

· use of thoughtful, systematic processes to evaluate and improve all programs, strategies, and practices

· ensure that ALL members of our community embrace the focus of GROWTH and learning