More about SELAC
Who We Are

·         The majority of members of the SELAC is comprised of parents of children with special needs.  
·         Other attendees include special education teachers, regular education teachers, administrators,
         individuals with special needs, and community members with an interest in special education.

What We Do

·         Advise the school district on matters concerning the unmet needs of students with special needs.
·         Make recommendations on special education policy issues
·         Connect families of children with special needs to individuals and agencies offering info and support in
        developing, planning and preparing for the education process required to meet their child’s needs.
·         Act as a local resource for families with concerns about their child’s educational needs.

Who Should Get Involved?

·         Parents and/or guardians of children with special needs.
·         Parents, educators, and community members who are interested in special education.

Why Get Involved?

·         To have input into programs that could affect your child.
·         To advocate more effectively for your child.
·         To support your child as well as other children in the special education community.