Student Registration


STEP 1:  Complete the online pre-registration process.

Prior to your registration appointment, please complete the online pre-registration at 
SKSD Pre-Registration.  This process will create your Family Access account in Skyward.

STEP 2:  Download, print and complete the applicable school year registration packet.
Use the applicable link and download the registration packet and complete all paperwork. 
The packet can be downloaded here: 
2023 - 2024 Registration Packet           2024 - 2025 Registration Packet

STEP 3: Gather required documentation.

In addition to the registration packet, the following documentation must be provided at the time of your              registration appointment.

  • Completed Registration Packet

  • Birth Certificate (Official Copy Only) or Passport or Military ID  (Child must be 5 years old on or before
    September 1 to enter Kindergarten)

  • Photo Identification of Parent/Guardian

  • Court Documentation (Legal documentation proving custody or guardianship, if applicable)

  • Residency Evidence - A true copy of one (1) piece of current residency evidence from Column A and one            piece from Column B.

Column A Column B
Copy of mortgage statement          Copy of cable bill       
Copy of property tax bill    Copy of electric bill 
 Copy of fully executed lease; rental    Copy of water bill 
agreement; letter from landlord  

Student must reside in South Kingstown with Parent/Guardian

  • Pediatrician/State Physical Form with Immunizations - All forms must be signed by your child’s doctor and must contain the most recent immunizations and up-to-date physical information (dated within one year).  Kindergarten-age children must have a lead screening and a vision screening before they can be entered into school.

  • Any Additional Documentation  (For example,  please bring any information regarding Individual Education Plan,   504 Plans, Response to Intervention Services or English Language Learner Services) 

STEP 4:  Schedule your registration appointment.
Schedule your registration appointment to review your completed documents:

Grade Contact For Appointment Location Of Appointment Office Hours Appt Hours


Kristen Gleason

Click Here to
Book Your Appointment


 SKSD Central Office
307 Curtis Corner Rd
Wakefield, RI

8:00am - 4:00pm

9:00am - 3:00pm

Please contact the Registrar's Office if you would like a copy of the printed packet or if you have any questions.