School Committee

South Kingstown School Committee

Leading with Integrity & Vision For ALL Students

The Mission of the South Kingstown School Committee is to provide leadership and oversight of community-supported goals, policies, and resources to make certain the South Kingstown public schools deliver a high-quality education for all students.

The South Kingstown School Committee is committed to:

  • Ensure a safe, caring, nurturing,  and orderly learning environment

  •  Ensure our schools have positive cultures and are housed in high-quality facilities  

  • Ensure a clear focus on the district mission, goals, and priorities for student achievement in all deliberations and communications. Direct and shape district goals and priorities through policy, planning, and accountability   

  • Monitor, measure, and communicate the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning programs to ensure continuous improvement toward achieving district goals and priorities 

  • Advocate for the district goals and priorities through communication with students, staff, parents, community, business, and public officials    Work in collaboration with the superintendent to provide team leadership for the school district  

The School Committee governs within a complex environment shaped by the current national focus on improving student achievement. Decision-making is constrained by Federal and RI State laws and regulations, often limited resources and sometimes competing for demands from community members and various constituencies.   The School Committee actively seeks to represent the entire community and is responsive to community expectations but resists pressure from groups seeking to promote a position inconsistent with the good of the district as a whole.  Individual school committee members debate issues, but once a policy has been adopted, the Committee speaks as one voice through its adopted policies.   The School Committee exercises its authority as a whole and does not advance individual or constituent agendas.  The agenda for each meeting is determined by the superintendent, school committee chair, and school committee vice-chair.  All decision-making is by a majority, and a quorum is required, i.e. a minimum of four members.  Action is taken only when the School Committee meets in a formal session, and the item is on the publicized agenda. For the governing by-laws of the School Committee click here.

Solving Staff and/or School-Based Problems (Policy 2140):  A parent/guardian or a community member who wishes to express him/herself regarding a specific school, teacher, or child should begin dialogue at the level closest to the concern: Step 1:  Contact the teacher or guidance counselor as appropriate Step 2:  Contact the principal (if a school-wide concern, this becomes step 1) Step 3:  Contact appropriate central administration personnel Step 4:  Contact the superintendent or designee