Westerly Community Credit Union Grants

Westerly Community Credit Union Grants Empower Transition Academy Students' Entrepreneurial Dreams
Posted on 01/16/2024
Amber In HallwayTwo exceptional educators, Amber Horton-Lambert and Tiffany Court, have been awarded grants from the Westerly Community Credit Union (WCCU). These grants will open new doors for students in the Transition Program at SK Schools, providing them with valuable experiences and opportunities.

Amber Horton-Lambert: Cultivating Business Skills with a Purpose
Grant Amount: $272

Amber Horton-Lambert, a dedicated teacher in the Transition Program, is set to kickstart a unique entrepreneurial venture with her students. The funds received, totaling $272, will be utilized to purchase necessary supplies from local businesses, including Print Source, Job Lot, and Belmonts.

The students will be engaged in crafting dog treats to be sold within the community. This initiative serves a dual purpose; not only will it teach students about budgeting, shopping, marketing, and creation, but all profits will be donated to Gentle Farms. Gentle Farms is a non-profit organization that provides work experiences for adults and students with disabilities, making it a therapeutic and meaningful endeavor.

"The Transition Program is excited to learn about starting their business, finding hidden talents, and giving back to a place that has given so much to us, Gentle Farms," expresses Horton-Lambert.

Tiffany Court: Fostering Community Connections
Grant Amount: $500

Tiffany Court, another dynamic educator in the Transition Program, has secured a grant of $500 from WCCU. This substantial amount will be channeled towards fostering social connections and community engagement.

The funds will enable students to participate in social gatherings with neighboring Transition Programs. Through careful planning, budgeting, and community purchases, students will learn valuable life skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Court shares her excitement, stating, "The Transition Academy is thrilled to partner with neighboring Transition Programs for community outings."

Commendations from School Leaders
Superintendent Littlefield acknowledges the invaluable service provided by Ms. Horton-Lambert and Ms. Court, along with their support staff: "Ms. Horton-Lambert and Ms. Court, along with their support staff, perform an invaluable service to our students and their entrepreneurial endeavor will provide our young men and women with authentic experience. SK Schools are lucky to have them and we thank WCCU for their support."

School Committee President Paula Whitford lauds the initiative, highlighting the importance of therapeutic opportunities for students with disabilities. "This is a great opportunity for our High school Transition Academy. I’m pleased that Gentle Farm is the chosen non-profit organization, they know how incredibly important therapeutic opportunities are for students with abilities (disabilities). I would like to take the time to thank our teachers and Gentle Farm for taking the initiative to make sure our students are learning skills to live a healthy life while navigating challenging disabilities while giving them an understanding of their abilities for the future."

The grants from Westerly Community Credit Union not only empower educators and students in the Transition Program but also foster community connections and support non-profit organizations dedicated to the well-being of individuals with disabilities. The initiative showcases the commitment of SK Schools to providing enriching experiences and preparing students for a bright and inclusive future.