Karmen DAR Award

Karmen Lambert and The DAR Good Citizen Award
Posted on 11/14/2023
Picture of Karmen

Karmen Lambert, a high school senior at South Kingstown High School, has been recognized for her outstanding qualities and contributions as she applies for The DAR Good Citizen award. This prestigious award acknowledges students who demonstrate dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Karmen's peers have chosen her as the best representative of these qualities within her class.

One of Karmen's notable achievements is her remarkable record of community service. She has actively participated in various projects, including helping to unveil a new sculpture at the Peace Dale village green, for which her photo was featured in the Narragansett Times. Additionally, Karmen has been an integral part of the town's 300th anniversary committee, showcasing her dedication to serving her community.

Karmen's distinctive qualities of intelligence, hard work, endearment, compassion, and generosity make her a remarkable individual. She approaches others with friendliness and without judgment, exemplifying a genuine and caring nature. Her commitment to academic excellence and community service is deeply rooted, making her a source of pride for South Kingstown High School.

With a passion for science and mathematics, Karmen aspires to study biomedical engineering in college. She has excelled in her math classes, currently enrolled in both AP Statistics and AP Calculus. Karmen's academic pursuits extend beyond her rigorous coursework, as she is also preparing for EMT certification, further demonstrating her dedication to the healthcare field.

Karmen's involvement in extracurricular activities highlights her leadership and impact within the school community. She has developed a love for volleyball since joining a club team during her freshman year. Over time, her skills have flourished, leading her to become one of the team captains for the SKHS volleyball team. Moreover, Karmen actively participates in service-oriented clubs such as Best Buddies, Peer 2 Peer, RIPL (Rebels Inspiring Positive Lifestyles), and the student council. She also co-founded the SafeBAE club, which raises awareness about high school-aged sexual violence.

Beyond the school environment, Karmen's dedication to serving others extends to the greater South Kingstown community. She consistently seeks opportunities to make a positive impact on those around her.

Stay tuned for updates on Karmen's journey as she awaits the final decision regarding The DAR Good Citizen award.