CNAs at Brookdale

Bridging Generations: South Kingstown High School CNA Students Work at Brookdale South Bay Senior Living Center
Posted on 05/14/2024
In a blend of education and community service, South Kingstown High School students began a transformative journey at Brookdale South Bay Senior Living Center. Their Work-Based Learning program allowed these budding Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) professionals to refine their skills and understand the profound impact of compassionate care.

A critical part of their training involved regularly taking vitals. This foundational skill not only ensures residents' well-being but also highlights the students' commitment to precision and diligence. Additionally, they learned about nutrition's crucial role in promoting holistic health among the elderly residents.

Yet, the most profound lessons came from the intangible aspect of building relationships. Interacting with residents, the students experienced the power of empathy, companionship, and listening. 

The collaboration between South Kingstown High School and the local community is remarkable. Such initiatives blur the boundaries between education and practical application, creating a beneficial relationship that uplifts students and society. 

In essence, these CNA students' journey showcases the transformative power of combining education with community engagement. Their experience at Brookdale South Bay equipped them with essential skills and instilled a sense of purpose and empathy.