Lunch Balances

Lunch Balances

Students may accumulate a negative balance in their school food service account when receiving a school lunch while not having sufficient funds in their account. We allow these charges because it's essential to ensure that no student is denied access to a healthy meal during the school day.

We kindly request that parents settle any negative balance amounts as soon as possible. Negative balances are not a practice we can accept.  The District must reimburse the school food service vendor for any unpaid meals - using funds more appropriately directed to textbooks and school supplies.  While a negative balance remains, students will only have the option to purchase a full school lunch, milk, or water. No other a-la-carte choices will be available for purchase, unless with cash, for students with a negative food service account balance.  Parents are sometimes unaware that the money provided their child for lunch may be used for other purposes or a child may be providing friends with food.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our prepayment plan. Money added to your child's account can be used in the cafeteria at any time. We offer an online payment option through, where you can schedule recurring or automatic payments based on your child's balance.

If you prefer to send payments to school with your child, checks are the safest method for transporting payments between home and school. Please make checks payable to South Kingstown School Department. When submitting payment, include "lunch balance", your child's name and student ID number (if available, it's listed in the Family Access Portal in Skyward) on the memo line of the check and the envelope.

We understand that there may be situations where your child needs to charge a meal, and we ask that accounts be updated as soon as possible. Additionally, we recognize that financial circumstances can change throughout the school year, so we'd like to remind parents that free and reduced-price meal applications can be submitted at any time. More information and the link to apply online or download the application form can be found here.