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School Wellness Policy Web Resources

Thispage lists links that provide resources to implement the SouthKingstown Wellness Policy.  Below each link is a brief description.

The South Kingstown Policy - 7751:  Wellness Policy

Local Wellness: Frequently Asked Questions

Resources to Improve Schools

Withchildhood obesity and its alarming consequences at an all-time high,the value of improving nutrition and physical activity in our nation'sschools is clear. But what is not as clear is how to implement thechanges needed to make a lasting improvement.  Simply select a topic forimproving schools and children's health from the drop-down menu. Youalso may search for a specific topic.

Alternative Fundraising Ideas

Web-based resources that offers specific, simple bulleted list of ways to promote health through healthy fund raising.

Creative Financing and Fun Fundraising

Atip sheet of fundraising ideas that feature a variety of alternativesto selling candy or other foods of low nutritional value for schools,youth clubs, and organizations.

Colorado School Site Resource Kit

TheColorado School Site Resource Kit empowers school personnel toimplement programs and policies that model and promote a healthy schoolenvironment. Such an environment supports development of healthy eatingpatterns and an active lifestyle. Resources in this kit simplify theprocesses of assessing, planning, and implementing nutrition andphysical activity programs and policies in schools.

Food and Fitness Matter: Raising Healthy Active Kids

Thisvideo is designed to engage parents in efforts to prevent childhoodobesity. The English version is hosted by actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus andan original Spanish version is hosted by comedian George Lopez. Manyhealth and nutrition experts are featured in the video, including Dr.David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General. The video paints a very realpicture of the obesity crisis, its impact on children’s health, and themultiple factors that brought us to this point. It offers parentssolutions, and ideas for simple things they can do in their own lives,schools, and communities. It also provides practical tips for parents toimprove diet and fitness at home, profiles schools that havesuccessfully switched to healthier foods, and inspires parents to jointogether and press for changes in their schools. A free downloadable 21pagecompanion guide to the video is also available, and includes a summaryof the video, sample discussion questions and handouts. These includefact sheets on childhood obesity, tips on healthier eating, andinformation on school wellness policies.

Healthy Fundraisers for Schools: Tips from AFHK Team Members

Ideas and links for alternative fundraising options for schools. Includes a list of websites.

Local Wellness: Implementation Tools and Resources

Thefollowing links provide topic specific resources—includingorganizations, programs, curricula, and research—that can help youimplement the Local Wellness Policy. Resources are available in thefollowing areas:

   * Nutrition Education
   * Physical Activity
   * Guidelines for All Foods Served on Campus
   * Other School-Based Activities
   * Multi-Issue

Getting Your Message Out: A Media Guide for Team Nutrition

Thisguide compiles material previously developed for Changing the Scene,Community Nutrition Action Kit, School Activity Planner, and GetGrowing...from the Ground Up. This Media Guide consolidates theinformation in one location, for easy reference and use.



Alternatives to Using Food as a Reward



Constructive Classroom Rewards



Michigan Team Nutrition Resources

Alternatives To Foods As Rewards
Foodis often used to reward good behavior. Unfortunately, the reward oftenundermines nutrition education and encourages over consumption of foodshigh in fat or sugar. Here you will find alternative rewards suggestion.They not only encourage positive behavior in the classroom, but in thelunchroom as well.

Every Body is Good
EveryBody is Good Curriculum (EBIG) is a set of lessons designed for use byany teacher to promote healthy weight and a positive body image instudents. There are two 20-minute lessons for each grade K-6, twolessons for 7th and 8th grades, and two lessons for 9th-12th grades.

Family Book bag
TheEat Healthy. Play Hard. Read More. Family Book bag is for children ingrades K-2 and can be used in classrooms, out-of-school-time programs,home-visiting programs or any other programs that serve children in thisage group. The Family Book bag program was created so that children andtheir families can have fun reading together at home, while at the sametime learning about eating healthy and being physically active.



FRACis pleased to announce the availability of School Wellness Policy andPractice: Meeting the Needs of Low-Income Students, a guide foranti-hunger advocates, parents and school community leaders that addressthe special concerns of low-income students in local school wellnesspolicies.



Resources for Local School Wellness Policies on Nutrition and Physical Activity

·       Crosscutting

·       School Health Councils

·       Nutrition

·       Nutrition and Physical Activity Promotion and Food Marketing

·       Physical Activity Opportunities and Physical Education

·       Monitoring and Policy Review


Nutrition Education/Physical Activity Curriculum Resources

   * Elementary
   * Middle School
   * High School
   * After-School Programs



What schools can do

1.   Wellness Policy Resources

2.   Illinois Schools Take Action

3.   Children in crisis: The trends are alarming

4.   A la carte and vending items for a healthy school environment

5.   Milk vending - a new option

6.   Twenty ways to raise funds without candy

7.   Invitation to school policymakers

8.   Improving children’s health: How school policymakers can make a difference

9.   Resources for education policymakers

10.                 Resources for school staff

11.                 New resources for school food service

12.                 Helping Kids Achieve their True Potential (Power Point Presentation)




Links for healthy celebrations, fundraising and alternatives to using food as rewards



Ideas for Healthy Celebrations



National Coalition for Food Safe Schools – Food Safety Resources



Rhode Island Coordinated School Health Program



Food Safety Guidelines



School Fundraising Ideas:  A PDF newsletter with Healthy fundraising ideas



(AmericanAcademy of Family Physicians-school-based educational program thatteaches third and fourth graders about the importance of fitness)


General and specific information regarding alternative fundraising)

TheFood Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) website has resources toraise public awareness, to provide advocacy and education, and toadvance research on behalf of all those affected by food allergies andanaphylaxis