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Welcome to the South Kingstown School Department!

The goal of our department is to assist and support all of our employees and to turn all of our practices into Best Practices consistent with our excellence in instruction. We seek to support the South Kingstown Schools by recruiting, supporting and retaining a qualified, diverse workforce to support the educational experiences of our students.

Please note that email is the easiest way to reach our office. Because we want to devote our full attention to everyone, we cannot honor walk-in appointments. Our email address is:

For employment verifications, please fax your request to Attention HR Department: (401) 360-1330. Please note that we require a written authorization to release information.

All applications for any positions must be complete and submitted online through SchoolSpring. No paper copies will be accepted via mail, email or hand delivery - including substitute applications. If School Spring notifies you that your application was submitted, we have received your application and information. If selected for an interview you will be contacted through School Spring.

INFORMATION ABOUT EMPLOYMENT AND BCI CHECKS: Please note that all potential hires must obtain a current federal BCI check which includes fingerprinting. A BCI is valid for a period of one year.  In order to facilitate this process, applicants will receive a specific form from Human Resources to take with them to the Police Department for fingerprinting. The cost (payable to the Police Department) is $36. The federal BCI is required for all employees including substitutes. We cannot accept local BCI checks.

Thank you for your interest in working as a substitute in South Kingstown Schools. During periods that  we actively seek substitutes (teacher, teacher assistant, etc) we will post on this site and direct all inquires to SchoolSpring.  Consistent with hiring practices, we cannot accept paper or mailed applications.
AS OF SEPTEMBER 18, 2015....
Please see our CURRENT School Spring posting to apply to be a substitute. If you have substituted in the district before, you will receive an informational email - please contact us about submitting a current (national) BCI and your updated substitute certificate. Please note that all substitutes (even current) are required to submit a BCI for the current year. Please email our office for assistance in getting this important check completed.

Information for potential substitutes:
Please include your sub certification or teacher certificate in your application.
You will need a federal BCI (finger printing check) to begin work.

All substitutes will need to attend a substitute information session prior to working in our schools. We will be emailing applicants shortly with dates and times. This information will also be posted on this site. Please note that we cannot honor walk in or individual appointments for information sessions. We will be hiring for subs once more this September, and then later in the school year. Our apologies but we do not hire substitutes outside of these windows.

* Please note that we no longer provide paper applications at our office, all inquiries will be directed online.

Our Hiring Process:
1. Candidates apply online during posted period. Portals will open for substitute positions based on district needs. Candidates complete and submit applications online.
2. Candidates will be selected and contacted via SchoolSpring for a screening and information session based on current school system needs.
3. Candidates will be screened by Human Resource staff on selected dates.
5. Positions will be offered after successful screening, BCI and reference checks.
6. All substitutes must attend an informational and orientation session prior to beginning work.

Regrettably we cannot provide personal assistance/consultation with the application or certification process.


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The South Kingstown School Department does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, color or disability in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

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